Outer Banks Health: Your Partner in Breast Health

For the majority of women, a screening mammogram provides peace of mind that they do not have breast cancer. Occasionally, a screening mammogram requires further diagnostic study. The efficiency of the process from screening to diagnosis to treatment can be a key factor in the patient’s outcome. We are proud to be one of the nation’s few critical access hospitals with an accredited breast program. Our focus is on preventing and treating breast cancer, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients. Read about our awards and accreditations here.

Prevention is Key

We believe proactive measures play a key role in early detection and treatment outcomes. Prevention includes yearly clinical breast exams and genetic screenings with healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive care. We also strongly encourage individuals to conduct monthly self-exams for any unusual signs or symptoms.

Genetic Testing and Personalized Care

In certain cases, genetic testing may be necessary to assess an individual’s risk and determine the most appropriate course of action. Our highly experienced healthcare professionals work closely with patients to guide personalized care paths.

Accessible Care for All

We understand that financial constraints may stand in the way of essential screenings and care. For those facing financial barriers, we offer an application process to receive free breast scans.

Outer Banks Health offers a Coordinated Breast Health Program that ensures timely diagnosis and care. The Program is coordinated by our Breast Health Nurse Coordinator who follows each patient from screening, to diagnosis, to care. She can be reached by calling (252) 449-9101.