It’s time for your annual Lung-o-gram! Your future self will thank you.

Outer Banks Health offers Lung Screening using Low Dose CT Scans.  An annual low-dose CT scan is recommended for people at high risk for developing lung cancer, based on the following criteria.

  • Age 50-77
  • Current or former smokers (within the past 15 years) with a smoking history of at least 20 pack years (one pack/year for 20 years or two packs/year for 15 years)
  • In fairly good health, without other serious medical conditions that could limit the ability to obtain surgery or invasive procedures.
  • Do not exhibit the typical signs of lung cancer (cough, chest pain, weight loss)

Free lung screenings are available for individuals who do not have health insurance that covers the cost of the screening. Support for free lung cancer screenings is provided by Outer Banks Health Development Council.

A physician order is required for lung screening.  Ask your doctor if you’re a candidate for low dose lung screening CT.  For more information or to schedule a low-dose, high resolution CT scan, please call 252-449-7338 or submit the form below.

Have you considered quitting tobacco? It’s the best health decision you can make. Outer Banks Health’s Center for Healthy living offers a tobacco cessation program that is evidenced-based and designed to assist you in reducing or quitting your smoking habit. For more information, click here.