When the experience a patient has with Outer Banks Health meets or exceeds their expectation, that’s the most valuable indicator of our level of quality. Yes, data about patient outcomes is very important and we take that very seriously. But the very best measure of our level of quality is the feedback we receive from our patients, their family and caregivers, and our community at large.

It’s not just about the brick and mortar. It’s about the moment a community member encounters a staff member…whether it’s on the Outer Banks Health campus, at one of our practices or off campus at a community event. Our culture is about understanding where a person is in their journey with us and meeting them right there through listening, processing, and determining how to make them feel understood.

A culture of patient safety and quality begins in the heart of each staff member. From the dedicated housekeeping employee who takes personal pride in the cleanliness of the hospital to the technologist who stays past his shift to ensure that the equipment is working properly to the nurse who clears the snow and ice off a patient’s windshield. “We work to move outside the ‘recipe for medicine’ so that we don’t miss the information that can make a positive difference in the outcomes of care,” says Outer Banks Health Chief Nursing Office Marcia Bryant. “One way to ensure that our team members have the ability to put our patients first is to make sure that each and every one of our team members takes care of themselves…both personally and professionally,” she added. “Work-life balance is key to a healthy culture that can then be extended to our community.”

Our focus is on the quality of the experience for every patient every day. It’s stated in our mission and it’s at the core of who we are as a healthcare team. If the intention is to serve, then quality will follow. It’s that simple.

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