Women’s health issues require a specialized approach especially when our bodies begin to change during adolescence and then again during menopause. Outer Banks Health Women’s Care providers are at the ready to answer your questions and guide you with options for relief of the physical and emotional symptoms associated with these life phases.

Adolescent Counseling

Sometimes speaking with someone other than a parent or guardian is easier for a young female when she experiences bodily and emotional changes. Our experienced providers understand both the adolescent and the parent/guardian concerns during this time. We offer private counseling for young females and make a point to listen and understand their concerns as well as discuss the importance of good choices.

Menopause Symptom Relief

Each female experiences menopause differently and the many choices for symptom relief can seem overwhelming. Which is why our gynecologists partner with you to develop individualized treatment planes. From hot flashes to trouble sleeping, from vaginal and urinary challenges to lack of interest in sex, these symptoms can often be minimized or eliminated with the right combination of lifestyle changes and medicinal options.