People become dizzy from time to time, and a good amount of folks suffer from vertigo symptoms. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, vertigo is a sensation of motion in which the individual or the individual’s surroundings seem to whirl dizzily. What if you experienced vertigo every second of the day and were unable to drive, work, or function during what most of us deem to be “normal” activities?

That’s exactly how it was for 30-year-old Kym Fehlberg.

From a young age, Kym experienced vertigo symptoms. But everyone around her thought it was nothing serious. However, as she got older, the dizziness became worse. Car rides were impossible because she would get sick. Standing made it unbearable to do simple tasks. Even watching television, doing schoolwork or playing on her phone was problematic. Kym had to stop working due to the constant sickness and dizziness.

Eventually Kym developed another issue: hearing loss in one ear. She saw Anthony Jackson, MD, with Outer Banks Ear, Nose & Throat and was subsequently referred to The Outer Banks Hospital Rehabilitation and Therapy Center. Although hesitant about physical therapy, Kym decided to try it.

She admits that the physical therapy was difficult and scary, and she was worried that she would embarrass herself by getting sick and/or falling over. But that didn’t stop Kym from attending therapy with Kelsy Hill, Physical Therapy Assistant, every Thursday for nine weeks. Over time, her symptoms greatly improved. Currently, she exercises at home and is now able to work, drive a car and finally go to school for her business administration degree.

“The team at The Outer Banks Hospital Rehabilitation and Therapy Center was amazing! They are great to work with and have pushed me to be able to get my life back,” Kym exclaimed. “It is great to feel normal again.”

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