Imagine opening your mouth to speak, and nothing coming out. Imagine that due to a sinus infection that won’t clear up, you have terrible breath. Pamela Jones Cotter of Southern Shores has experienced both of these symptoms, and thanks to Outer Banks Ear Nose & Throat otolaryngologist Anthony Jackson, MD, both issues have been resolved.

Along with her husband, Jim, Cotter has been an Outer Banks resident for 15 years. She takes pride in her three children, her nine grandchildren and her rescue dog. It’s a full life. Everything was great. But a time came when she couldn’t talk; she would try to speak, and nothing would come out.

After a visit to her primary care physician, Cotter was referred to Dr. Anthony Jackson, who practiced in Elizabeth City at that time. Jackson discovered two polyps on her vocal cords, directly across from each other, and removed them.

Following that procedure, Cotter was ordered not to speak for 10 days. “When my husband found out, he was so excited,” Cotter laughs. However, after 24 hours of his wife stomping her feet and clapping her hands to get his attention, and writing notes to communicate, he realized it was better when she could speak! The good news for both is that after 10 days, Cotter regained her ability to speak normally. All was well again.

Then, in late 2016, Cotter developed a sinus infection. Her physician tried three different antibiotics, but the infection continued, and even caused her to have terrible breath. Her husband was constantly saying, “Have a mint!” “My dog was scared to be around me,” recalls Cotter. She found it embarrassing to go out in public.

Once again, she was referred to Jackson, whose practice had moved to Outer Banks Ear Nose & Throat, located in Kitty Hawk. This time, Jackson performed surgery at The Outer Banks Hospital to clean out her sinuses and get rid of the infection. Cotter recalls, “Every person at The Outer Banks Hospital was anxious to help. They are professional. It is a great team.”

The surgery was a success, and her breath is now “kissing, sweet breath” as she puts it. Cotter is no longer embarrassed to be in public, and no longer in pain.

She notes, “It is quite a blessing to have Dr. Jackson here to help the residents of this community! We could not have asked for a more calm, empathetic physician.”

She encourages her friends in similar situations to see him. “Go to Dr. Jackson,” she urges them. “He’s good, and you won’t have any trouble getting an appointment.”

Cotter is now able to enjoy golfing, volunteering, her book club, and church activities, without the pain and embarrassment of sinus or throat issues.

If you are having any problems with your sinuses or throat, ask your primary care provider to contact Outer Banks Ear Nose & Throat at 252-449-5760 and give you a referral.


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