Paying a visit to a doctor’s office may seem intimidating, but the reality is that partnering with your healthcare team increases the odds of a positive outcome. Whether it’s an annual wellness visit or a sick visit appointment, being prepared with questions for your provider along with an open mind will create a partnership that can help you understand your medical options and be better equipped to make decisions.

That’s been Manteo resident Maynard “Mike” Miller’s approach to his own healthcare and it’s served him well. “I have my topics for discussion together before each medical appointment so we can use the time allotted wisely,” says Miller who has had his share of health challenges. Miller, a Navy veteran, credits his well-being to the partnership he enjoys with his primary care and specialty providers.

Over the past seven years, this 77-year-old has experienced knee and hip replacements, cataracts, extensive dental surgery, a Whipple procedure, and, most recently, surgery to address an umbilical hernia. He proudly shares the notes he has kept as well as the “roster” he put together of his primary and specialty providers. “We’re a team, and I’m the pitcher,” he says. Miller also notes that it’s important to be proactive with recovery. “I actually make my recovery ‘the game.’”

“The Outer Banks Hospital, the medical practices, Vidant Health, and my M.V.P. Ellen DeJong, PT are all excellent,” notes Miller. “They saved my life.”

Keep pitching, Mike, and together we’ll hit home runs.


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