Outer Banks Health is proud to announce the winner of the 2023 Horizon Award for Team Member of the Year, Beth Floyd. The Operations team reviews all Team Member of the Month winners and selects the Team Member of the Year based on our values, years of services, and their dedication to Outer Banks Health. The Team Member of the Month and Team Member of Year awards are developed and supported by our Team Member Experience Committee.

Beth started in her role as police officer with Outer Banks Health in June of 2021. Since joining, she has presented herself with compassion, accountability, kindness, teamwork, and safety in all of her endeavors. Her warm smile, selflessness, and unwavering positivity are a gift to all those who encounter her. Her outstanding contributions and commitment to keeping our team members, patients, and visitors safe make her an invaluable asset to our hospital.

Pictured, left to right: James Smith, Police Officer; Charles Savage, Police Officer; Billy Long, Police Captain; Floyd; Norman Johnson, Police Sergeant; Scott McDougal, Police Major.