Michelle Davis, Staff Nurse III at OBMG Urgent Care in Kitty Hawk, joined the hospital and medical group in October, 2015. Davis is a wonderful nurse; she is compassionate, smart, safe, trust-worthy, and kind. She has been a major asset in training new team members, and she is able to keep patient flow going to promote efficient and quality care. You can count on her to always be a bright spot in your day. Davis is always willing to pick up extra shifts, lend a hand when needed, and she is always on her game.  

Pictured, Left to Right: Donna Rice, Point of Service Specialist; Krista Sipe; Director of Regional Operations; Patricia Burmeister, Practice Manager; Sophy Joyner, LPN; Davis; Ben Reilly, Nurse Practitioner; Chelsea Schoonmaker, Nurse Team Leader; Rikki Schuster; Physician Assistant; Suzi Reeves, Point of Service Specialist; Sandra Buss, RN.