News Release
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jennifer Schwartzenberg
Director of Community Outreach and Development,
The Outer Banks Hospital
(252) 449-5933
Date: February 18, 2022

Lynn Dalton, CT Technologist, joined The Outer Banks Hospital in July, 2017. During those five years, she has consistently gone above and beyond and is an amazing resource for team members and patients. She is a pleasure to work with and ensures that her patients feel heard, cared for and calm. Her empathy is evident with every interaction. Even during the busiest times, she jumps right in to keep the schedule moving, always with a smile on her face. Lynn is always prepared, organized and ready to help wherever she is needed.

Pictured, Left to Right: Rebecca Ward, Director, Radiology; Lynne Lunkenheimer, Mammography Tech; Tonya Moye, Mammography Tech; Dalton; Julie Hill, Radiology Tech; Allison Lavin, Nuclear Medicine Tech; Mindy Jernigan, Mammography Tech; Becca Eilert, Staff Nurse III, Echo Cardiology; Christina Rabbitt, Nurse Team Leader; Ashley Gilbird, Nuclear Medicine Tech