Pictured Above, Left to Right, Noemi Ornelas, Area Technician; Terry Pledger, Area Technician; Tina Stafford, Staff Nurse; Lucas; Bethany Cunningham, RN; Rhea Anne Byrd, Unit Secretary; Chuck Savage, Police Officer; Lauren Baer, Staff Nurse; Jenna Aguirre, Ultrasound Technician II.

Kevin Lucas, Staff Nurse II in the Emergency Department, is The Outer Banks Hospital’s August, 2020 Employee of the Month. He joined The Outer Banks Hospital Emergency Department in July, 2015. Lucas holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from James Madison University, an Associate Degree in Nursing from College of the Albemarle, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from East Carolina University.

Lucas’ compassion and genuine concern for patients are apparent at all times. He goes above and beyond for them, whether or not they are his assigned patients. If he knows there is a health risk for another nurse or that someone needs a helping hand, he is there to assist.

Always one to jump in where help is needed, Lucas immediately volunteered when TOBH had its first COVID-19 patient. He took the initiative to swab COVID-19 patients in the OR and on the Medical/Surgical floor, and also helped train other team members on swabbing best practices.

Lucas’ patients are very complementary of his care, explaining that he goes the extra mile for them and talks with them, not at them. His team members are proud to work alongside him, as well. They appreciate his compassion for everyone around him, and his dedication to his team and his patients.

Reacting to the announcement that he had been chosen as the August Employee of the Month, Lucas stated, “I was so surprised and extremely honored to be named by my peers.” He continued, “It is humbling and fills me with pride to be selected among so many associates worthy of the same distinction. It is through the support of this organization and the collegial relationship among all departments, especially the Emergency Department nurses and providers, that enables me to thrive as nurse. Coming to work each day knowing my burden will be shared, that I am supported by my smart co-workers who make me laugh, and that I am valued is truly special. I feel lucky to call this workplace home.”