Ginger Oxnard, Staff Nurse II in the Emergency Department, joined the Outer Banks Health team in January 2022. She is a strong advocate, an excellent judge of her patients’ needs, and can anticipate problems to proactively address them. She approaches every aspect of her job with integrity. Always spreading positivity to those around her, Oxnard welcomes every patient with warmth and compassion.

She also makes it a priority to update and educate herself on protocols. She continues to expand her professional development and is currently working on her BSN and becoming a preceptor in the emergency department. “Ginger is the breath of fresh air you want to work with every shift,” a team member shared. “Her knowledge, peacefulness, attention to detail, smarts, compassion, and willingness to learn is something we should all be striving for.”

Pictured, Left to Right: Linda Smith, Manager, Patient Care Services; Rachel Loos, Staff Nurse III; Oxnard; Karen Graf, Patient Flow Coordinator; Christine Coleman, Nurse Practitioner; Katie Barrick, Nurse Traveler.