What’s the big idea behind our wellness bus or, as it’s more commonly know, the Health Coach? It’s simple, really: We believe that preventative medicine is just as important for staying healthy as seeking care when something’s wrong. So instead of waiting for you to come to us, the Health Coach will come to you. This community outreach initiative travels to locations around the Outer Banks and offers free wellness screenings.

Good News!

Most individuals who come on board The Health Coach will receive good news about their health in addition to advice and resources for improving their overall health and quality of life. On the occasion that we detect a possible health problem, we will provide information about a variety of local healthcare professionals who can help you. We’ll also have information about financial assistance, healthcare coverage, and where to turn for resources when you find yourself faced with a health challenge.

This service is provided at no cost through the spirited commitment of The Outer Banks Health Development Council which raises funds for programs that benefit our community.

Consider The Outer Banks Health your personal health coach. Our goal is to keep you healthy and well, in the community with your family, friends and neighbors.