There are a number of good options for improving communication on the telephone.  Having a current hearing test can help determine what the most appropriate choice is for your situation.  There is a little known federal program that provides captioned telephones for free for individuals who do not benefit from simply turning the volume up on the phone.  Captioned phones display the words of the call similar to closed captioning on the television so you can see and hear your phone call.

Schedule a hearing test today with your audiologist to discuss phone options and have an application signed for a free captioned phone, if appropriate, based on your hearing results.

This blog was written by Krista Follmer, AuD, Audiologist with Outer Banks Health. To schedule a hearing test, please contact her office, Outer Banks Health Ear, Nose & Throat, at 252-449-5760. For more information, visit the Ear, Nose & Throat services page.


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