A common question asked of Outer Banks residents is, “Why did you choose to move here?” Charles Shelton, MD, (nicknamed “Trey” because he is a “third”) answers this way: “I grew up and vacationed in Eastern North Carolina. I love the small-town feel and I landed a great job as a radiation oncologist with The Outer Banks Health Radiation Therapy Center.”

As the only full-time radiation oncologist on the Outer Banks, Shelton has not only established himself as an expert in cancer services but also has been the champion for The OBH Cancer Committee. In fact, he assisted the committee in achieving accreditation from the Commission on Cancer. Currently, he serves as chairman of the Cancer Committee.

Did Shelton always know he wanted to be a doctor? Not so much. In high school, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life. Then, shockingly, he and his sister witnessed a man having a heart attack at the neighborhood pool. Acting solely on instinct, Shelton and his sister pulled the man from the water and, while his sister dialed 9-1-1, Shelton performed CPR. “The guy lived!” said Shelton. “I had no formal training in CPR, it just came naturally and saving the man felt good.” That event helped to shape his future and steer him toward medical school.

Shelton’s educational journey is an interesting one: undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA, followed by work as a lab technician for the University of South Alabama, then on to medical school at the same location and then back to UVA for radiation therapy residency. He realized his passion was radiation therapy in medical school following rotations in orthopedics, general surgery and hematology/oncology. Prior to work at Outer Banks Health Radiation Therapy Center, Shelton worked as a radiation oncologist in Lewisburg, WV.

In his spare time, Shelton enjoys his two dogs, Lucy and Peachy, and his cat Theo (all from the SPCA), as well as playing tennis and engaging in outdoor activities. He loves to travel with his wife and spend time with his four children, two of whom are adopted – one from Russia and one from Kazakhstan.

Those who know Shelton have experienced his fun-loving personality, relaxed nature and, above all, his kind heart. Like the time he volunteered to work with the flash-flood victims in his former hometown of Lewisburg. In 2016, the town was overwhelmed by severe flooding and many homes were destroyed. Shelton recalls, “I was astounded by the amount of devastation.” In the week spent there, Shelton assisted with cleanup and rebuilding of homes. He also worked with others to distribute supplies to the victims.

The Outer Banks Health is grateful for this physician’s contribution to the medical staff and his passionate commitment to the Outer Banks community.

For more information about the OBH cancer services, visit OBH Cancer Services page.


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