Wayne Barry retired to the Outer Banks in 2014 after finishing his professional career as a school psychologist working 7 years as the State Consultant for School Psychology at the Virginia Department of Education in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Chronic back pain plagued Barry since the age of thirty-two when he contorted his back playing basketball, which dampened the excitement of retirement. However, once he retired, he finally sought treatment and eventually the pain disappeared. The back pain, coupled with a cancer diagnosis that he ultimately beat, led to a lack of physical activity and a gain of substantial weight.

Enter Sarah Summerton, FNP, of Outer Banks Family Medicine in Kitty Hawk. Upon hearing Barry’s story and noting he was pre-diabetic and ready to make changes, she referred him to The Outer Banks Hospital Center for Healthy Living.

The Center for Healthy Living specializes in helping people achieve personal goals as they relate to health and well-being. The center does not replace a primary care physician; instead, the center’s team works closely with doctors to help patients achieve their goals.

Having been athletic his entire life and wanting to return to that way of living, Barry expressed his weight loss desire to Dr. Christina Bowen at the center, and she connected him with Denise DePedro, a health coach. Barry spoke with DePedro about friends who had success with the Noom® weight loss program, and he wanted to try it.

The program, as well as the services at the center, made Barry conscious of what he was eating and helped him begin losing weight. The weight loss enabled him to begin walking and/or riding his bike six days a week. The result is that Barry has lost over 65 pounds! In addition, he is off all medications; only taking vitamins.

He credits the way the team tracked him on the program, allowing virtual visits and holding him accountable. “It helped that they weren’t ‘in my face,’” he said. I felt supported and encouraged. They genuinely wanted me to succeed in my weight loss goals.”

The Outer Banks Hospital Center for Healthy Living uses lifestyle and integrative medicine to help you restore and maintain your health. The center can help you:

  • Improve your nutritional habits
  • Develop a safe exercise plan
  • Quit smoking — for good
  • Cope with stress and other emotional concerns
  • Experience better sleep
  • Modify your drinking habits
  • Learn how to manage a newly diagnosed chronic disease such as COPD or diabetes
  • Manage symptoms caused by cancer and/or chronic disease
  • Focus on spirituality or on what brings you joy

“I told Dr. Bowen that I would give a patient testimonial for the Center for Healthy Living because I was so happy with the center. I felt nothing but kindness and willingness from that team to help me,” noted Barry.

Call 252-449-5978 to start your healthy journey today. Wayne Barry is glad he did. He can now enjoy a happy retirement!


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